Air Studio, the successor company to Hooplas, Etc., combines our predecessor's passion for unique balloon decor with a modern, chic, new sensibility.  Rest assured, our look may have changed, but our talented team remains the same.  We want to thank you, our neighbors, friends, and customers, for your unflagging support as we continue to bring trendsetting balloon gifts and decor to central PA.

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We want you to think about balloons in a whole new light.  Our designers can help you bring color, artistry, and savoir faire to any special occasion.  We are a fun, trendy, unique local business and we love what we do.  Let us make your next event pop!


Pizzazz and Panache

Unexpected and Unique

Unexpected and Unique

Balloons add a splash of color and class to any occasion.  Don't stress out about decorating!  Let our talented artists help make your special day pop.  (Tee hee.)  


Unexpected and Unique

Unexpected and Unique

Unexpected and Unique

Have you ever considered adding retro-style centerpieces to your '50s-themed prom?  What about a Mother Goose sculpture for your baby shower?  Or an army of snowmen for your holiday party?  If you can imagine it, we can create it!


Easy and Economical

Unexpected and Unique

Easy and Economical

Hooplas is your local destination for all things balloon-related.  Stop by or call during regular business hours and e-mail us any time, day or night!

Did you know about the global helium shortage?

No, we're not full of hot air!  Helium is in short supply around the world.  Unfortunately, this means that we do not have dependable access to helium and that's not likely to improve in the near future.  

So does this spell doom for your favorite purveyors of balloon decor?  Not in the slightest!

Our focus has always been on creating unique pieces of art.  You may not be able to get a floating balloon bouquet from us anymore...but we have become masters at creating centerpieces, sculptures, and gifts to meet all of your needs.  In short: we're happy to pass on gas.

So what's causing the crisis?  Well, it's a little complicated, but not to worry, thanks to the fine reporters at the BBC you can...

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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

If you have an upcoming wedding, reunion, bar/bat mitzvah, birthday, baby/bridal shower, or other event, email us today for an estimate or to start a brainstorming session. 

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